Hello, my name is Bob (“Hi Bob”) and I’m addicted to building airplanes.

However, I’m not quite ready to start building my next kit airplane - a Van’s RV-14, but before I start talking about building you will have to hear about why I’m not quite ready.

I should have been ready. We ordered the kit at Oshkosh 2013. Van’s also sent a note in late September that my kit would ship the week of November 4th, so it should have been plenty of time to prepare. We gave our daughter the van to clear a space in the garage (she had it most of the time anyway). Then we made the big switch where I moved all my stuff out of my room upstairs down to the girls old room.

To do that we moved the contents of both rooms to a neutral area, the space in the garage where the van used to be. Then I put a hardwood floor in my old room. That finished off the project of putting hardwood down on the whole top floor.  Looks terrific. Kathy took care of the painting so I can’t even complain about that taking up time.

What did take a lot of time was sorting, tossing, giving away and cleaning up all of the junk from my room and all the accumulated detritus from the four kids stuffed into my new space. I was going right along on schedule when I got a notice that the kit had shipped two weeks early from when Van’s said it would and it would be here Friday, November 1st!

While I was mostly moved in and we had cleared out most of the junk, there was still a considerable pile of stuff in the garage to move out and I hadn’t yet prepared the garage for storing anything.  So I just made a new plan and got ready to receive the kit.

The kit came in near perfect condition, packed in three boxes. Two for the wing kit and one for the empennage kit. The long skinny one in the pictures below contain the spars and other long wing parts. With their arrival, the other car was banished from the garage for a few weeks while I finished getting ready to start.