While working on the wing, replacement parts for the elevator trim tab arrived. Last lear, after assembling the elevator and trim tab, I ran a test with the servo and found that the arm was too short. In one direction I had to stop before full deflection or it would damage the trim tab. In the other direction it was only a smidgen beyond neutral.

I talked and sent pictures to Van’s and they got back to me with hmmm, that doesn’t seem right?  I found out soon after in a post on the forum that the piece was being looked at and probably being reworked.

After putting the new piece together when it arrived, it is longer but not by much. I installed it and ran the motor again and all is well. Per Van’s there is still a lot of asymmetrical throw between nose up and nose down trim but that is as it’s supposed to be.  You need a lot of nose up when deploying full flaps.
      More rib subassemblies. These are for the flap supports.