Yes, that’s wings plural.  Finally.

With the right wing assembled, I could start on the left.  As I said in the post for the right wing, I did most of the preliminary work on both the left and right wings together, so it was mostly assembly because the detail work had already been done. That meant that all of the rib work, j channel and spar work was finished.

To start putting it all together you have to take out all the spar bolt hardware that comes preinstalled on the spar so you can attach the ribs. I have done that in the first picture and you can see all the bolts lined up on the table.  In picture two however, you can see one of the bolts in the condition it was installed as. Not good. The spar was not damaged by the bolt but I did order a replacement.  I didn’t call Van’s about it. It was easier to just order a new one from Aircraft Spruce.