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Here is another micro nit that I used as an excuse to not work. Because of the bend in the tailing edge and the odd wedge, you need to modify your dimple die and countersink bit. My modified dimple die is shown below. If you don’t grind odd the edge, the die will put a crimp in the bend of the trailing edge. I called Cleaveland Tool about a reduced diameter die (like the female one in the picture next to the modified die) but they don’t make one - yet. They have heard of this being needed on the 14 and may offer one in the future. They did offer to turn one down for me but they couldn’t do it for awhile. I ordered a replacement male die and ground down the one I had.

The other tool mod is to taper the pilot on the countersink bit used on the trailing edge wedge. You have to drill perpendicular to the surface of the wedge but the pilot hole is perpendicular to the cord line of the wedge. By tapering the pilot you can get the countersink correct.

These minor issues led to major delays and I avoided doing anything about them. The last picture shows progress however as I riveted the trailing edge of the trim tab.
      Progress didn’t last long as I had to glue into the trim tab three of the foam ribs I made earlier. As I had never used the stuff before I managed to waste a lot of time preparing to do rather than actually do the glueing.  The glue is a two part mixture, in this case pre-measured, that you mix together and then have 30 minutes of working time to apply. It is messy stuff and you need to work with gloves.