Yeah, Oshkosh!!!

I went up to Oshkosh on Thursday and came back on Saturday.  Kathy and my son Bob came up on Friday. Bob took a couple of pictures of Kathy and me in the 14 demo aircraft.  This is the same aircraft I got to fly last year. It is always great inspiration to get to Oshkosh. Last year we ordered the kit, this year I could compare the pieces I have made to the demo aircraft.

It’s great to see how they all fit together.  The fuselage kit was also made available for ordering the day before the show but I will wait until I have the wings nearly done before ordering. I did give the fuselage a good going over to see what I will be building soon.
      Back to work. Lots of dimpling. I like to dimple too, but Kathy can do it and likes it as well, so unless I really need a part and Kathy can’t do it, I save the dimpling for her.