On top of all the time wasting highlighted in the previous post, I also ran into the holiday season.  With the Sonex, and again with the 14, I seem to take off building from the middle of November until about the middle of January.

I did manage to keep working a little bit however, and building the leading edges was a nice light duty task. I managed to get them both done.

The ribs all need to drilled to final size, deburred, defaceted, fluted and dimpled. Additionally several of the ribs on each side need notched cut out of them so they clear the spar caps. There is a table of dimensions given to match the diminishing width of the spar caps for each cut.  Very simple.
      Just like with the tanks, you have to cut and match drill the J channel stiffeners as shown below. Additionally there are some holes in the ribs that have to be matched drilled.