Like the two ribs on the previous page, there were a lot of ribs that needed some kind of work to be done to them beyond cleaning up the edges.

The first two pictures show two ribs being joined together with the crotch seatbelt strap attach point. There are two assemblies, one for each occupant. This aircraft will have a five point seat belt system including the shoulder harness, which is common for aircraft capable of aerobatics. My Sonex has a four point system, no crotch strap.

The third pictures shows two sets of two ribs that I have curved by fluting the edge. Usually we flute the edges to straighten out the rivet line on a rib flange.  In this case the flat ribs had to be curved to follow the outside edge of the fuselage skin. You can see them clecoed in position on the fuselage aft bottom skin in the last picture.  You just do it by eye following the hole pattern in the skin.