Since it was getting time to place an order for the avionics I came up with the layout shown in picture one. There was a lot of different ideas before I got here however.  The first problem was that the navigator for IFR and ADS-B was now $9,500 instead of the $5,000 I was expecting from the previous model. I had already decided that I was going with one screen and an iPad for now so that was alright, but now I needed an ADS-B GPS source as well as the other items I wanted and the IFR lite panel was out for now.

I also had to figure out where to put everything. To do that, I made styrofoam models of everything and placed them where they needed to go. It also gave Josh at Steinair an idea of where I wanted things so when he made the harness everything would fit.

As it turns out, I was unaware that Garmin was running a promotion for the navigator I wanted if you bought a G3X touch system, which I was. This brought the GTN 625 back down to what I was expecting and it included the antenna and I could dump the alternate ADS-B source. They had also come out with the handy G5 which is a perfect backup screen with an independent airdata computer and attitude indicator. So the IFR lite panel was back on the table. That is what is shown in picture two.