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Yes, this log will end with wheels on, but it was a long journey to get there. Most of this log continues with the finishing up of the electrical system.

and before we get back to the electrical system, there were some clean up items from the last bit of work.

I had installed all of the harnesses I bought in the aircraft but there was one nagging issue with the wiring to the sticks. I had to put grommets in the holes that the wires passed through. Most, while difficult, could be put in without tools. However, one grommet on each side was impossible to access by hand.

So I made a pusher-onner tool. I cut a piece of wood small enough to get through the access space. I then drilled a hole in the end a little larger than the wire bundle the grommet was to protect.  Next I made a shallow recess cut the diameter of the grommet. Finally, I made a cut from the end of the piece to the hole to turn the hole into a slot that fits around the already installed wire bundle.

The first two pictures show the tool. The second picture shows how the grommet is captured for pushing it on.

To actually get the grommet on, you slice one side of the grommet so you can slip it on the wire bundle. I was able to get the grommet on the wire bundle with my hand and push it towards the hole. The third picture shows the tool inserted over the wire bundle and being used to seat the grommet in the hole. The last picture shows the fully seated grommet.