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I also installed some additional custom items. I discussed in a prior post that I would have dual power buses, dual batteries and dual alternators as well as a ground power plug. I had previously installed the contactors  shown in the pictures. The ones in the first and third pictures are my additional ones. The ones in pictures two and four are the standard ones that come with the kit.

The other items on the firewall in these pictures are part of my custom installation and not part of the kit. In picture one the two additional items are the ammeter shunt and the current limiter (the longer of the two items). The shunts will hook up to my panel and give me a reading of the amps the alternators are putting out. The current limiters are like a supper slo-blo fuse that can remove the alternator from the system should there be some sort of fault causing a large surge of current from the alternator.

I had to study the pictures Vans has on line to find locations that would not interfere with any of the firewall forward kit parts. After mounting them I made several bus bars out of copper stock to make the short connections between these devices. Those are shown in the last two pictures.