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The cowl is just resting on the hinges in the first picture. It has been drilled to the hinges in the second.

The third picture shows an alignment device. With the spinner off, the cowl is fitted so that the top of the spinner will be just slightly above the top of the cowl. Over the first hundred hours of so, the engine mounts will sag a bit so that the cowl will then line up with it.

One thing to note in the first picture. All the fiberglass pieces come with trim lines molded into them. I have already trimmed everything to those lines in these pictures. However, the square hole in the top has been trimmed incorrectly. I didn’t see the very faint trim lines and just cut to the recessed outer edge of the oil fill door.  As soon as I did it, I thought, that can’t be right. I held up the cutout piece to the light and could them make out the trim lines.  The fix is shown later.