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The first two pictures show one of three assemblies that are also attached to the rudder spar. The first picture shows the backside of a doubler and nut plate that will be used to attach one of three rod end bearings that hold the rudder to the vertical stabilizer. The second picture is the front side.

Pictures three and four show the insides again after the second skin was attached and then removed. While both skins were attached holes in the top two ribs were drilled to final size.

I’m not 100% sure but my understanding from other builders is that parts that are unique to the RV-14 have had all the prepunched holes punched to final size. There seems to be a number of parts however that are used from other planes and those parts need holes drilled to final size. I’m guessing that the top two ribs are parts from other planes as none of the other parts needed to be drilled to final size.

Even though the other holes didn’t need to be drilled, I found that they all need to be deburred on one side. Since the Wing is mostly just an RV-10 wing it seems that all those holes will need final drilling. It was nice not having to final drill all the holes in the rudder skin.