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After New Year day I started working again a little, although there was still a lot of family stuff going on.

It was time to rivet the stiffeners to the skins. These can be backriveted which makes riveting much easier. All the bucked rivets on my Sonex were all backriveted and they came out perfect.  As it turned out so did these.

I also just used blue painters tape to hold the loose rivets in place like I did on the Sonex. You can buy rivet tape but it is not needed. This works fine. You just insert the correct rivets, tape the whole rivet line and when all the rivets are in place, just turn the piece over. Lay the stiffeners over the rivets and put the backrivet plate under the rivets. You’re all ready to rivet at that point.

Picture number three shows the backrivet set and the next picture shows the backrivet plate with blue tape around the edges so it doesn’t mar the aluminum.