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Unlike almost all of the RV pieces so far, the spar cap doublers are not predrilled. Since I also had to do some minor trimming of these pieces fitting and attaching these was much more like the work I had to do on the Sonex.

The spar has all of the pilot holes predrilled so you don’t have to layout and drill the pilot holes, but you do have to match drill all of the holes into the spar cap doublers. To do that you want to make sure that both angle sides are nestled tightly against the spar before drilling. The first two pictures show how I did this. I used the small spring clamps to draw it close to the flange. I then used the vice grip clamps to ensure a tight fit that would not move while drilling.

I started from the center and worked out to the edges, moving all clamps and adding clekoes as I moved along. The first three pictures show the match drilling of the #30 holes. The last picture shows the start of the #40 holes being match drilled into the flange side of the doubler.