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With the plane on its wheels all was ready to start to install the engine. I purchased a two ton hoist that I will use with the arm at the half ton setting. This gives me enough height and reach to get the engine in position and use my chain hoist. The total static load on the hoist is less than 400 pounds, so I should have plenty of margin even if I introduce a little dynamic loading accidentally.

The first step is to get the engine on the hoist and start adding items to the back which will be nearly inaccessible after the engine is on the mount. In my case, that includes the second alternator I’m mounting on the vacuum pad as well as all the items called out by Van’s in the firewall forward kit plans.

My first problem was not unexpected. To get the alternator on, I could access only three of the four bolts needed to mount it if the right magneto was installed. I was going to test and retime the mags anyway so I took off the right one and got the alternator installed. Then I reinstalled the mag.