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Next, you start to remove various plugs or caps and start installing fittings with the correct clocking. Van’s has prefigured where the hoses run and how all the fittings should be clocked to work with the provided pre-made hoses. There are three fitting that have been installed in picture two. Picture one is how they looked before I started to add the new ones.

Also in picture one is an exposed port next to the alternator. I looked through my materials and had nothing to attach to it. It is unused in this installation, but I assumed there would be a block off of some kind. I called Van’s just to make sure that I wasn’t missing something and they told me I could just leave it open - no cover was required. They also said that since many people think that is unacceptable they sell a block off cap. I ordered one and you can see it in the last picture.

Picture three shows the port side fittings on the fuel pump.