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Building my elevators felt like being stuck in one. It sure took forever.

With the winter we had, it got real cold in the garage. The heater actually did a good job but I seemed to find every excuse to stay out of it and not build. When I did get to work I found some of the new things I had to do provided another excuse to not work.

Case in point, making the foam ribs shown completed below. I always hate having to destroy good plans pages to use the drawings as templates to make an item.  I fiddled around with making copies but could never get them to reproduce exact size in both axises. So I finally gave in and glued the cutouts of the plans pages to the foam blocks.

I rough cut them quickly on the band saw but then had to sand them down to the correct shape.  My first attempt started poorly and I was unable to keep them square. The second picture below shows a good finished rib all squared up.
      I was able to correct the first one by using a really simple technique to keep them square - just hold them tight against my square as I sanded. This worked very well and I finished the pieces in no time after a huge delay in starting to make them.