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Then I seemed to get rolling. A lot of little things to do.

The first picture is of the counterbalance arms which required some up drilling on all of the holes. The second picture shows all of the ribs that go between the forward and rear spars. Again I forgot to take a picture of the stampings before they are cut apart. Here the ribs have been cut apart and reassembled.
      There were two holes needing enlargement on the left elevator.  The larger hole is for a cable run to the trim unit and the smaller hole is to allow the trim unit jackscrew to come through the spar at full travel.

      The last picture shows one of two bends that had to be made in the left elevator skins. I just used my usual hit with a hammer over the edge of the table technique. The left elevator has a number of special pieces because it has to support the trim server and the trim tab.