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As exciting as it was to move the airplane to the hanger, it was of course, not finished. There were plenty of things to do before I could think about getting an airworthiness certificate let alone make a first flight.

Here is one of the small but critical details needed, the fuel line that runs between the now installed wing and the fuel line in the fuselage. The bends look simple enough and the first bend is easy enough, but when you go to make the second bend, the first bend is in the way. As you can see I was able to make the second bend as shown in the first two pictures but it took a creative combination of hand work and the bending tool to complete it. You make two, one for each wing. Picture three shows the installed line.

Not shown is a fuel vent line you make for each side as well. I made those at the same time.

What, no pictures of the vent lines? Yep, this log will be full of ‘no picture’ comments. Moving to a new location changes all the routines and even though I had my camera there, I always seemed to be just a bit disorganized not knowing were a tool was or forgetting to take a picture. I did use my phone for some additional pictures. The last picture is all I have of the wing root fairings after they were made.

Those fairing are two long pieces of aluminum about four inches wide. A longer one that you have to bend to have a leading edge shape, and a shorter one that you have to rivet short angle stiffeners to in order to provide the strength needed for it to extend the wing walk area to the fuselage.