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Of course being at an airport now means friends can fly in for hanger visits. Below is a visitor and his RV-6 he bought last summer. He is upgrading his panel to glass from 90’s era instruments. He came over to see the plane and we talked about his upgrade plans.

In process around the time of the visit was the installation of the aileron trim system. It is a biased spring system that uses a trim servo to push and pull against springs attached to the right aileron push rod.  It is partially shown installed in the second picture. It mounts to one of the access panels in the right wing.

Next up are tail tips. In the last post before I moved the plane, I had fitted the left and right elevator tips. Then I removed the tail surfaces for the move. All the tail surfaces have been reinstalled when I started to fit the lower rudder fairing. This fairing also holds the rear strobe. Fitted in the third picture and installed in the last. Unlike all the other tail tips, it is installed with screws and nut plates for servicing. The others are installed with aluminum rivets.

Not shown again of course is the installation of all the tail surfaces as well as all the wing control surfaces. They have all been installed, rigged and torqued down by this point.